9:00 PM21:00

Black Rainbow (Italy)

The Orchestre d'Harmonie du Val d'Aoste, conducted by Lino Blanchod, will perform Black Rainbow for 6 solo percussionists and wind ensemble on their concert "Concert Du Nouvel An." Soloists include Mauro Gino, Daniele Carli, Luca Favaro, Lorenzo Guidolin, Fabio Saccavino, and Lorenzo Scanavino.

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7:30 PM19:30

Firefly (Hong Kong)

The Honk Kong University Percussion Ensemble, directed by Dr. Lung Heung-Wing, will perform Firefly for 12 percussionists on their concert "The Elements of Percussion." Other pieces on the program include Hiroyuki Yamazawa’s “The Red Shadow on the Water Ripples,” Ney Rosauro’s “Mother Earth, Father Sky,” Ney Rosauro's “Rhapsody for Solo Percussion and Ensemble,” and “Rhapsody” from “Music for the Millions” arranged by Lo Hau-mano.

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7:30 PM19:30

Twitch (WA)

The Spring High School Percussion Ensemble, directed by JD Guzman, will perform Twitch for solo clarinet and percussion ensemble on their showcase concert at the Western International Band Clinic, featuring soloist Melvin Vega.

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