the commissioning process

Think you might be interested in having a piece written specifically for you or your ensemble? Not quite sure where to begin? 

Why commission a composer?

  • to promote the creation of new music, first & foremost

  • to have a piece tailored specifically for your ensemble's or your own performance needs

  • to see your name and/or ensemble listed on the title page & in the program notes for the piece (e.g. "Commissioned by the Bayside High School Percussion Ensemble, Samuel Powers, conductor")

If you want to take a look at pieces I have written for others, please visit my Awards & Commissions page

How much does it cost?

My commission fee is determined by a number of factors (e.g. size of ensemble, duration, difficulty, etc.). Use the form below to receive a quote.

Are you concerned that you can't afford a commission? No worries. There is always the consortium option, in which we get multiple parties (ensembles, directors, performers) involved in the process to split the fee.

I am now accepting commissions for 2019-2025.

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