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episodes for solo piano (2000)

Medium: Solo Piano
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2000
Duration: 9:30
Difficulty: Grade 4-5

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Solo Piano

Episodes, a three-movement work for solo piano, is based on scales derived from combinations of various triads. Improvisation combines F-Major with Ab-Minor that results in a rather bluesy set of pitches. The movement is meant to sound improvised with hints of cohesiveness in the middle sections. Based on a combination of A-Minor and Bb-Major, Meditation creates a solemn, slow-moving crescendo that gathers momentum up to the church bell-like ending. The shortest of the three movements, Revelation, superimposes C-Major on Gb-Major. The quick tempo and syncopated rhythms of the movement create a rather playful mood from beginning to end. 1st Place Winner of the 2000 Southeastern Composers' League Philip Slates Composition Contest.

Performed by Nathan Daughtrey