compositions | percussion ensemble | shock factor (2004)

shock factor (2004)

Medium: Percussion Quintet 
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2004
Duration: 4:30
Difficulty: Grade 4

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Percussion 1 (bongos, bells)
Percussion 2 (temple blocks, vibraphone)
Percussion 3 (agogo bell or cowbell, chimes)
Percussion 4 (4 concert toms)
Percussion 5 (bass drum, tam-tam, suspended cymbal) 

Primarily driven by battery percussion, Shock Factor features exciting vocal effects all derived from the word "shock." A brief section in the middle of the piece takes a departure from the battery instruments by bringing prominence to the metallic keyboard percussion (bells, vibraphone, & chimes). Driving from beginning to end, Shock Factor delivers.

University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Percussion Ensemble
Josh Knight, director

REVIEW (excerpt)
"Using limited instrumentation, Daughtrey strives for dramatic results and visceral impact. To this end, he uses tension-building ostinatos, hammer-like blows (2 consecutive, accented, fortissimo sixteenth notes), and vocal contributions in which participants whisper, speak, and yell. As excitement escalates, players interject explosive, fortissimo bursts using a 32nd note figure. As this sonic melee continues, players top off each burst by shouting "SHA!" Keep this piece in mind if you want a dramatic, hard-driving piece that stays within the limitations of a high school ensemble."

- John R. Raush, Percussive Notes (February 2005)