compositions | percussion ensemble | power struggle (2009)

power struggle (2009)

Medium: Percussion Ensemble (8) 
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: September 2008 
Duration: 5:00 
Difficulty: Grade 4

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Percussion 1 (Bells, Xylophone)
Percussion 2 (Vibraphone)
Percussion 3 (Marimba)
Percussion 4 (Marimba)
Percussion 5 (4 Timpani)
Percussion 6 (4 Concert Toms, Snare Drum, Chimes)
Percussion 7 (Splash Cymbal, Suspended Cymbal, Hi-Hat, China Cymbal, Shaker)
Percussion 8 (Bass Drum, Tam-Tam)

Dedicated to the Lincoln-Way Central High School Percussion Ensemble (Eric Wellman, director), Power Struggle features a balanced ensemble of 4 keyboard percussion and 4 battery percussion. The struggle is apparent from the opening bars of the piece, with the 2 halves of the ensemble competing for attention in an exhilarating and bombastic fashion. The struggle subsides briefly as the keyboards present a new melody and the battery provides a quietly grooving backdrop. The two opposing sections of the ensemble continue this struggle, inwardly and outwardly, until the end of the piece.

University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Percussion Ensemble
Dr. Nathan Daughtrey, guest conductor