compositions | percussion ensemble | lullaby for pj (2016)

Lullaby for PJ (2016)

Medium: Percussion Ensemble (6-9+) 
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (available summer 2016)
Composed: 2016
Duration: 2:35
Difficulty: Grade 1.5

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Bells (may substitute or double with vibraphone)
Vibraphone (may substitute or double with 4-octave marimba)
Marimba 1 [optional] (4-oct; may share 4.3-oct instrument with Marimba 2)
Marimba 2 [optional] (4.3-oct; may share 4.3-oct instrument with Marimba 1)
Timpani & Wind Chimes (3 drums: 32", 29", 26")
Egg Shaker (may substitute brushes on snare drum or another shaker or maracas)
Triangle (may substitute a suspended finger cymbal with triangle beater)
Suspended Cymbal (any size; may substitute any other resonant cymbal)
Bass Drum [optional] (may substitute or double with a low concert tom or floor tom

Lullaby for PJ is dedicated to my beautiful baby daughter, born on May 9, 2016. Originally written as a duet for bells and vibraphone in the collection “Duology: 10 Duets for Young Percussionists,” the piece has been expanded to include more accessory instruments, providing young percussion ensembles to join in the fun. Unlike most of the piece in the Ignite series, Lullaby for PJ exposes students to playing delicately at a fairly slow tempo.

The unique Ignite Series (for the developing percussion ensemble) was designed specifically for young percussionists as they experience the magic of playing in a percussion ensemble. Each piece provides the director and students with great flexibility – from the number of players to the tempo to the instrumentation.