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adaptation (2004)

Medium: Percussion Ensemble (11) 
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2004
Duration: 8:30
Difficulty: Grade 5

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Player 1 (bells)
Player 2 (xylophone, crotales)
Player 3 (4-octave vibraphone)
Player 4 (4-octave vibraphone)
Player 5 (4 concert toms, chimes, small concert bass drum)
Player 6 (4-octave marimba)
Player 7 (4-octave marimba)
Player 8 (4.5-octave marimba)
Player 9 (5-octave marimba)
Player 10 (4 timpani)
Player 11 (suspended cymbal, snare drum, tam-tam, temple blocks) 

3rd Place Winner of the 2005 Percussive Arts Society Composition Contest, Adaptation is reworking of Dr. Daughtrey's award-winning piece, Episodes for Solo Piano, now scored for percussion ensemble.

When one goes through any life changes, one must experience several stages of adaptation. Each movement represents one of these stages:

I. Improvisation - in which you are caught off-guard and you are forced to fly by the seat of your pants
II. Meditation - in which you take time to reflect on your life and try to discover solutions
III. Revelation - in which a light bulb goes off and you find the answer.

Performed by the University of Arlington Percussion Ensemble, Michael Varner, director
UTA Percussion Studio | UTA Music YouTube Channel