compositions | percussion ensemble | on the spectrum (2015)

On the Spectrum (2015)

Medium: Percussion Ensemble (5+) 
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2015 
Duration: 3:30
Difficulty: Grade 2

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Flexible Instrumentation! Keeping within one family of percussion instruments for each performance of the piece (woods, metals, drums, keyboards, junk, etc.), the players simply arrange themselves from highest to lowest. You can even perform the piece on keyboard percussion instruments using the indicated note names in the score.

Player 1 (highest-pitched instrument)
Player 2 (medium high)
Player 3 (medium)
Player 4 (medium low)
Player 5 (lowest-pitched instrument)

"On the Spectrum" is an extremely flexible piece that helps students explore the sonic possibilities of the modern percussion ensemble by encouraging them to choose instruments that work well together and listen to how they fit into the pitch spectrum of the group. Play it with all drum, woods, metals, keyboards, junk, whatever!

The IGNITE Series for the Developing Percussion Ensemble
This unique series was designed specifically for young percussionists as they experience the magic of playing in a percussion ensemble. Each piece provides the director and students with great flexibility – from the number of players to the tempo to the instrumentation. Light a fire under your students today!