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an extraordinary correspondence (2012)

Medium: Duet for Flute & Marimba
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2012
Duration: 6:30
Difficulty: Grade 5

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5-octave Marimba

Laura Stevens, flute | Nathan Daughtrey, marimba

An Extraordinary Correspondence was commissioned by Jennifer and Richard Elliott as a means of expanding the repertoire for their flute/marimba duo. Inspired by the Griffin & Sabine Trilogy of books by Nick Bantock (Chronicle Books), the work takes its title from the subtitle of the first book. Bantock tells the mystical story of these two people by inviting readers to examine handmade postcards and letters that are sent back and forth. As the story unfolds, we discover that Sabine can “see” what artist Griffin paints. Filled with skepticism and doubt, Griffin is resistant to the idea and flees. When he finally starts to come around, Griffin and Sabine attempt to meet but quickly discover that they are living in parallel universes. I will not reveal any more plot points, as I think Bantock does a much better job of telling the story.

The 6-1/2 minute piece unfolds in much the same way and is divided into six main sections, each describing a mood or quoting a phrase from the book:

A postcard...     Griffin receives the first postcard from Sabine

“I share your sight...”     Sabine shares her ability with Griffin

“I must believe you’re real”     Griffin trying to convince himself

“You’re a figment of my imagination...”     Doubt & uncertainty return for Griffin

“Are you my shadow?”     Trying to make sense, Griffin asks…

Parallel worlds…     Attempting to meet one another, the discovery they are living in parallel worlds