New Releases for 2016-17!

New Releases for 2016-17!

I have a nice variety of new pieces that were just released this summer (2016), including two pieces for young band, three percussion ensemble pieces (easy, medium & difficult), a vibraphone solo, an alto saxophone/marimba duet, and a collection of duets for young percussionists.

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Composer Spotlight for @ClassicalRevGso 3/20

Classical Revolution is an organization of musicians dedicated to performing high-quality chamber music in non-traditional settings. Founded in November 2006 at Revolution Cafe in San Francisco’s Mission District, we have two important objectives: to enrich the San Francisco Bay Area with accessible chamber music and to create a support network for local musicians.

Classical Revolution now has over 30 chapters across the United States, Canada, and Europe. My friend Brian Carter, cellist and brewmaster extraordinaire, was in search of more performance outlets for classical musicians in the Triad area of NC and decided to start a chapter in Greensboro in November 2014. He teamed up with a newly established brewery, Gibb's Hundred Brewing Company, to provide a venue for most of the concerts. The first performance on January 18, 2015 featured the Railyard String Quartet—a group formed specifically for this new music series—performing a lovely program of Mozart, Haydn, and Shostakovich. 

Now in its second season, @ClassicalRevGso has successfully produced 12 performances. I am thrilled that the next performance is a Composer Spotlight featuring several of my chamber works and showcasing the talents of some of my favorite people. Here's the program as it stands now:

Nathan Daughtrey, composer & percussion
Laura Dangerfield Stevens, flute
Hannah Rose Carter, soprano
Brian Carter, cello

Silencio (solo marimba)

Azul (flute & keyboard percussion) with Laura Stevens
I. Cerulean Ice
II. Sapphiric Flames

Selections from Songs of Venus (solo vibraphone)
Rosemary & Thyme
Yin & Yang

An Extraordinary Correspondence (flute & marimba)
with Laura Stevens

Halcyon Deconstruction (solo marimba & fixed electronics)

EvenStar (soprano, cello, & keyboard percussion)
with Hannah & Brian Carter

The Book of Love (soprano, flute, cello & keyboard percussion) by Stephen Merritt
with Hannah Carter, Laura Stevens & Brian Carter

Sunday, March 20 at 8:00pm
Gibb's Hundred Brewing Company
117 W Lewis Street
Greensboro, NC 27410

Video: Tangling Shadows (oboe & vibraphone) by Nathan Daughtrey

Shane Reeves (vibraphone) and Briana Leaman (oboe) perform Tangling Shadows at the University of South Carolina. Commissioned by Lisa Rogers and Amy Anderson from Texas Tech University. the piece is based on the poem "Thinking, Tangling Shadows" by Pablo Neruda. The oboe part is also playable on soprano saxophone.

"Tangling Shadows" is published by C. Alan Publications and is available from Steve Weiss Music.

Summer 2010 Publications

Several of my new compositions are being released this summer by C. Alan Publications. Below you will find descriptions, recordings, and score samples. All will be available for purchase from Steve Weiss Music in the next 2 weeks.

Almost Beyond

Medium: Marimba/Piano Duo
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2009
Duration: 5:00

5-octave marimba

Look Inside Score

Full Recording
Performed by Nick Ryan (marimba) and Angi Ko (piano)


The Celtic Xylophone, Books 1 & 2

Medium: Xylophone w/ Piano Accompaniment 
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Arranged: 2009
Duration: 8:00 (each book)


Look Inside Book 1 | Look Inside Book 2 

(Use the fastforward button to skip to the next track)
Book 1:
1 / 2 / 3 | Book 2: 1 / 2 / 3



Medium: Percussion Ensemble 

Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2009
Duration: 5:00

bells, xylophone, vibraphone, 2 marimbas, 4 toms, SD, timpani, BD, 2 woodblocks, bongos, sus cym, hi-hat, tam-tam, wind chimes

Look Inside Score

Full Recording



Medium: Solo Vibraphone

Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Composed: 2010
Duration: 5:00

3-octave vibraphone
(with optional extended range to 3.5-octave) 

Look Inside Score

Full Recording

Video: "Adaptation, Mvt. I" by Nathan Daughtrey (OU Percussion Ensemble)

The University of Oklahoma Percussion Ensemble performs the first movement ("Improvisation") of my piece, Adaptation. Based on my solo piano piece, Episodes, I scored Adaptation for 11 percussionists specifically for the "5:00 Ensemble" at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro while I was there as an adjunct professor of percussion. It won 3rd Place in the 2005 Percussive Arts Society Composition Contest, the same year that David Skidmore's Whispers (see my earlier video post) won 1st Place and another piece of mine, Limerick Daydreams, won 2nd Place.

Adaptation is published by C. Alan Publications.