New Feature: Upload Your Concert Programs

One of the constant struggles that I and many others face as a composers of music for school ensembles – whether a percussion ensemble or concert band, middle/high school or university – is gathering information about performances of our works. Why do I care? There are several reasons...

  1. I like to list all performances of my pieces on my website calendar and link to the performing ensemble whenever possible.
  2. There are often recordings that come out of these performances and you never know when you're going to come across a replacement demo recording for a piece.
  3. There is often the possibility that I could come to the performance.
  4. My livelihood...

A portion of my income is determined by reporting performances of my pieces to my performance rights organization, ASCAP (American Society of Composer, Authors, & Publishers). In order for a performance to count toward performance royalty distribution, I (or the performing individual/ensemble) need to send in a concert program. I have just made that process much simpler for all of you directors out there. At the far right of the top navigation bar, there is a link that says send your programs.

That link takes you here...

Just fill out the information, find the file (Microsoft Word or PDF) on your hard drive, and upload! You can actually use this form to upload mp3 recordings as well.

Thanks in advance for helping me out!