Listen Hear: "Spun" performed by the Penn State Percussion Ensemble


I've talked about Spun fairly recently on here, so I won't bore you with too many details. This recording is from the premiere at Penn State University, where Dan Armstrong is the percussion professor and the one responsible for the piece coming to fruition. At the final dress rehearsal, just an hour before the concert, Dan asked me if I'd like to conduct the piece on the concert. Wearing only the upper half of a suit with jeans on the lower half (you know... going for that cool-down-to-earth-composer-in-the-audience-graciously-accepting-applause look), I was hesitant and hummed & hawed. But after a quick drive back to the hotel trading out the jeans for suit pants, I was ready. In reality, I was just scared to conduct the quick-changing multi-meter stuff I had written. So, any inaccuracies can be traced back to me hacking my way through "conducting" this world premiere.


"Spun" is published by C. Alan Publications and available from Steve Weiss Music.