Listen Hear: "Ellipsis" performed by the OU Percussion Ensemble

During my brief stint in Houston, TX from September 2007 through March 2009 I met some great lifetime friends, tasted some fantastic food and had the opportunity to work with some of the best middle and high school percussion ensembles in the country. I adjudicated a few percussion ensemble festivals and witnessed several middle school ensembles performing pretty advanced literature for their age. Just before I moved away, the middle schools of the Spring Independent School District (just outside Houston, TX) commissioned me to write a piece for them. I Gladly accepted, but knew that I couldn't approach the piece as I would a typical middle school composition, so I wrote as if writing for a high school. The result was a piece that has been picked up and performed by high schools and colleges all over the country.

Here is a recording of the University of Oklahoma Percussion Ensemble (made up of primarily freshmen and sophomores) directed by Josh Knight.


"Ellipsis" is published by C. Alan Publications and available for purchase from Steve Weiss Music.