Review: Silent Canyons for Percussion Quintet

The Oregon Percussion Ensemble (from University of Oregon), directed & coached by Pius Cheung and Sean Wagoner, recently performed my newest percussion quintet, Silent Canyons, on two performance before the academic year came to a close. One of these performances was a part of the Celebration Works series at First Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR and received a very positive review by Brett Campbell of Oregon ArtsWatch. Here is the excerpt discussing Silent Canyons:

The second half opened with the second-ever performance of under-40 composer Nathan Daughtrey’s scintillating quintet Silent Canyons, whose haunting vibes and bowed metal instruments and whispered vocals created a mysterious atmosphere that then exploded into a cymbal- and drum-driven thrill ride before returning to the shadow lands at the end. The variety and volume of the instruments filled the space to a degree difficult for conventional chamber instruments to match.
— Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch (May 30, 2014)

Music that soothes frayed nerves without the medicinal effect of wall-paper stuff at the mall

I completely forgot until today that my Yuletide Marimba CD received a glowing (and quite humorous) review just after its release last year by Classical Voice North Carolina, an online arts journal for the Triad and Triangle area. Here are a few gems from the review by Karen Moorman:

"If you're looking for music that soothes frayed nerves without the medicinal effect of wall-paper stuff at the mall, add this to your collection of holiday favorites."

"Daughtrey...turns to greatly-loved Christmas melodies and delivers a gift that will surely please anyone who enjoys the gentle, beautiful tones emanating from rosewood bars."

"Closing my eyes, I could almost feel the welcoming arms of the warm tropical breeze."

"...from my rocking chair in a dimly lit living room late last night, I was in touch with the enchantment of the marimba."

Love it! Please check out the entire review at You won't be disappointed. And if you haven't yet gotten your copy of the album, head on over to the iTunes store. Now.