PASIC 2015: New Pieces | World Premiere | Panel Discussion | Fun Runs

Every year, percussionists take over the downtown area of a lucky U.S. city for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC). This year, San Antonio welcomes drummers from around the world to the Henry Gonzalez Convention Center. Typically, the best place to find me during the day is at the C. Alan Publications booth (#307) in the exhibit hall and this year will be no different. However, I do get to break away a few times for the world premiere of one of my pieces, a panel discussion I'm participating in, and the morning Fun Runs before anyone else is even awake.

New Music at the C. Alan Booth

I have several brand new compositions and collections that will be available for sale at the convention this year.

Songs of Venus | solo vibraphone
A collection of 8 intermediate solos for vibraphone (3.5- or 3-octave) 

On the Spectrum (from high to low) | percussion ensemble 5+ | grade 2
Part of the C. Alan Ignite Series, this is a flexible piece for 5 or more percussionists playing on any instruments they like, so long as they are pitched from high to low.

Fidget | percussion ensemble 8 | grade 4
In the spirit of my pieces Power Struggle and Ellipsis, this is a percussion octet balanced between 4 keyboard and 4 battery parts.

Firefly | percussion ensemble 12 | grade 5
Commissioned by the TCU Percussion Orchestra, this is a 7-1/2 minute, non-stop ride for large percussion ensemble.

The Wexford Carol | solo voice or instrument & percussion ensemble 7-9 | grade 3
One of the most beautifully haunting (and lesser-known) Christmas carols, I arranged this to feature the talents of one of my good friends who is a mezzo soprano.

Bounce | solo trumpet & percussion ensemble 12 | grade 5
Infused with the sounds of Bernstein, Gershwin, and a brief nod to Dizzy Gillespie, Bounce features the trumpet as both a classical and a jazz instrument, offering moments of blazing virtuosity and flexible improvisation.

World Premiere of Firefly (Thursday 10am)

The Texas Christian University Percussion Orchestra, conducted by Brian A. West, commissioned Firefly for their 2015 PASIC Showcase Concert. I'm thrilled they will be opening the concert with it on Thursday 11/12 at 10:00am in the Lila Cockarell Theatre.

Percussion Publisher Panel Discussion (Friday 12pm)

On Friday 11/13 at 12:00pm, I will be representing C. Alan Publications on a panel discussion sponsored by the PAS Composition Committee titled, "Percussion Composition in the Present: A Look at Current Trends Within Percussion Publications." Others on the panel include Chris Brooks from Row-Loff Productions and Jim Casella from Tapspace Publications. Brian Nozny will moderate.

Early Morning Fun Runs (Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6:30am)

For the past several years, I have organized and lead the 6:30am PASIC Fun Runs every morning during the conference. It is a wonderful opportunity to simultaneously exercise and netowkr with other percussionists in all parts of the industry.