Review: Silent Canyons for Percussion Quintet

The Oregon Percussion Ensemble (from University of Oregon), directed & coached by Pius Cheung and Sean Wagoner, recently performed my newest percussion quintet, Silent Canyons, on two performance before the academic year came to a close. One of these performances was a part of the Celebration Works series at First Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR and received a very positive review by Brett Campbell of Oregon ArtsWatch. Here is the excerpt discussing Silent Canyons:

The second half opened with the second-ever performance of under-40 composer Nathan Daughtrey’s scintillating quintet Silent Canyons, whose haunting vibes and bowed metal instruments and whispered vocals created a mysterious atmosphere that then exploded into a cymbal- and drum-driven thrill ride before returning to the shadow lands at the end. The variety and volume of the instruments filled the space to a degree difficult for conventional chamber instruments to match.
— Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch (May 30, 2014)