Hodge-Podge of New Publications

So, it's that time of year again ... that time when I get to see how truly productive (or unproductive) I was in my little world of composing. Turns out I was maybe a little lazy this year. I have 5 new publications plus a handful of piano reductions and orchestrations I did for other composers' works. Here's the list in alphabetical order:

The Celtic Xylophone (Book 2)
This is the second book (duh) of Irish tunes I have arranged for solo xylophone and marimba trio. The idea behind these arrangements was to provide and alternative to popular xylophone rage by using similar instrumentation and maintaining the virtuosic qualities of the solo xylophone. Any of the arrangements in Book 1 or 2 would work great as encores. In this collection are Echo from Leinster, The Foggy Dew, and Comes Haste to the Wedding. Click on the links to hear recordings of each.
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Edge of the World
After being commissioned to write a marimba/vibraphone duet for former students and current friends Michael & Sara Wood, I decided to write a second piece for them as a wedding gift. Based on a story/vignette of the same title by Brian Andreas of StoryPeople fame, the piece has a very sweet and romantic quality to it, capturing the lush qualities of both instruments. Listen here.

Here's the story by Brian Andreas:
they came to sit and dangle their feet off
the edge of the world and after awhile
they forgot everything but
the good and true things
they would do someday

The Foggy Dew
This is simply the Irish ballad I arranged for The Celtic Xylophone (Book 2) set for solo xylophone and concert band (Gr.III). Listen here, but understand this is an electronic MIDI recording and leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Legend of the Sword
In the spring of 2007, a good friend of mine called me up in a pinch and asked me to write an opener for his high school marching band show. I had the unfortunate task of creating a piece of music to fit into an Asian-themed show (rather broad and generalized, but OK). Not wanting this piece to go to waste after marching season had ended, I decided to modify it slightly to make it appropriate for the stage rather than the football field. Listen here.

Rock House Creek
Commissioned by Michael and Sara Wood, Rock House Creek is infused with the progressive bluegrass sounds that have emerged out of the last 10-15 years from such players as Béla Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, and Mike Marshall. What resulted was a duet for marimba and vibraphone with the option of adding standard bluegrass to the mix if desired.

Listen to the duo version

Watch the duo version w/ added bluegrass instruments